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Hire buses & coaches in Spain

In order to provide customers with coach rental services at any time and in any region of Spain, the team of Europe Buses combines efforts and works together with a multitude of local bus companies and Spanish webpages wich a special focus in the reservation of buses, coaches and minivans in particular cities and regions - but also with an online multilingual bus service active all around Spain: the charter coach platform Spain Bus.

Spain is a beautiful European country located on the Iberian Peninsula in the Southwestern part of Europe. It is a country popular among tourists - famous for its fascinating landscapes, wonderful beaches and pulsing nightlife. With 505.990 square kilometers it is actually also the biggest country of the European Union. Nonetheless, no matter whether you need a bus in Sevilla or you want to rent a coach in Santander, from Salamanca to Barcelona, the Spain Bus team and its carefully selected bus rental providers can offer you a coach wherever you want to have it. We offer buses with drivers for individual sightseeing tours, short trips, excursions and private group transportation in the region or city of your choice.

Where to rent a bus in Spain?

Spain is composed of seventeen autonomous communities. Each of its communities has its own flair and sites worth visiting. Although not all of them are located in continental Europe, most communities can be reached using a private coach charter. The following is a list of all 17 autonomous communities in Spain:

  • Andalusia: The community of Andalusia is - at least considering only the regions on continental Europe - the most Southern region of Spain. It is also the most inhabited region within all Spanish communities. Popular among tourists, Andalusia offers several beautiful cities which can be reached using a coach charter with driver - either all of them with a LDC coach or with a local bus in each city. Famous cities like Granada, Sevilla and Málaga are located in the community of Andalusia.
  • Aragon: The community of Aragon is situated right at the border of France. Even if it is not the first thing you might consider when thinking about Spain, Aragon offers wonderful skiing resorts. Whether you are coming with a bus from any other European country or taking the plane and using a bus shuttle to Aragonian skiing places.
  • Asturias: Asturias is also referred to as "the green Spain". As it is located in the very Northern part of Spain, the climate is drastically different than the climate in Southern Spain. Thus, especially during the hottest summer months, cities like Mieres offer the perfect escape from the heat. Starting from Madrid, you can reach Asturias in less than 5 hours by bus.
  • Balearic Islands: The Balearic Islands are located in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Four islands form part of them: Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. All of these are widely well known and popular among tourists both in summer and winter months. Each of these islands is worth a visit - and there is more to them than the famous party beaches or Ibiza's Pasha club. A good way to explore the island is a privately chartered bus with a driver to drive along the endless coast lines.
  • Basque Country: Located in the Northern part of Spain, right at the border to France, is the Basque Country. Just like the two official languages co-existing in the region, also the landscape is both diametral and co-existing. Beaches seem to be right next to snow-white mountain chains.
  • Canary Islands: Las Islas Canarias or The Canaries are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of 8 main islands and several smaller islands and islets. The best known are probably Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria , Lanzarote and La Palma. 2 milion people inhabit the islands in total - and they receive more than 12 milion visitors each year.
  • Cantabria: Cantabria is to be found in the Northern part of Spain. It is quite mountainous with humid and warm summertimes and warm winters.
  • Castilla - La Mancha: The community of central Spain is the homeland of the worldwide known Don Quijote. Very closely situated to the Spanish capital Madrid, the well established network of highway streets make Castilla - La Mancha well connected to the rest of Spain. The numerous autoroutes lead to cities like Gaudalajara, Toledo and Albacete. Projected highways shall further ease the landline transfers to other communities.
  • Castilla y Leon: The community lies to the North of Madrid, the twin town of W├╝rzburg. It is situated East of Portugal, but surprisingly even the same size as whole Portugal. Alhtough there is no beach in the communitiy, beaches are readily accesible and only a short hours' ride.
  • Catalonia: Catalona is the richest community of Spain - for sure if talking about the gross income of the community, but maybe also when thinking about the different sites to visit in the region. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia - and even this magnificent city itself offers a variety of possible attractions and activities. Be it modern or classic architecture, beaches, the nightlife - there are great things to see and do. Importantly enough, Barcelona is easily reached as there are many direct flights to the city at quite inexpensive rates. There are direct connections to and from Vienna, Paris, and Frankfurt - to name just a few. A sightseeing tour with a private coach is a good way to start to get to know the city.
  • Extremadura: Extremadura is bordered by Portugal and compounded by the two largest provinces of Spain.
  • Galicia: The community of Galicia is the region at the very North of Spain. Galicia is especially well known for the Saint James Pilgrimage route - with Santiago de Compostela as the terminal stop of the pilgrimage. However, Galicia has far more to see and explore than this. If you do not want to walk the whole route, a bus rental can be a good alternative to it.
  • Madrid: Madrid is not only the name of the capital of Spain, it is also the name of a community. Although it is one of the smallest communities in terms of area, the population is the third highest in the whole country. The Barajas International Airport serves as the main airport of the Iberian peninsula - connecting Spain to the rest of Europe and America. Thus, if you want to start your bus rental for a longer journey, Madrid might be a good option for you.
  • Murcia: Murcia is often referred to as the "garden of Europe". This comes from its long tradition of agriculture. In Murcia, indeed, a great proportion of Europe's fruit and vegetables production is being taken care of. When starting a sightseeing tour in Murcia in summer time, you will see the colorful fields and rich nature.
  • Navarra: The community of Navarra is situated at the French boarder. The capital of Navarra is Pamplona - which is famous yet also notorious for its bullfights. You can rent buses and minibuses for trips to the arena to experience the thrill yourself - or you decide to visit the numerous different spectacles in Navarra.
  • La Rioja: Do not drink and drive - correct? So if you decide to visit La Rioja and do not want to miss its main craving - the famous Rioja wine, you better decide to rent a coach with driver. Our team will gladly assist you with one.
  • Valencian Community: Last but not least is the seventeenth community - Valencia. Famous for its ancient architecture and its adorable coastlines, Valencia is offering many sights. A coach trip along the coast will give you a great first impression of this lovely community.

No matter which city or region you want to travel and see in Spain, our exeriences staff of the Spain Bus team is looking forward to offering bus rental service, coaches with drivers, minivans and minibuses for your individual program. Whatever the amount of passengers you want to transport, you can get an individual offer for sightseeing tours, bus transfers, airport service or multi-days'international bus transfer starting from or ending in Spain - coming from or going to any other European country.

Our partner coach companies in Spain

Apart from Spain Bus, our central bus rental service Europe Buses works together with many reliable charter bus companies in Spain. We do carefully select these companies according to the quality of their buses and the reliability of their drivers.

How to rent a bus in Spain?

Europe Buses and its bus company partners in Spain can assist you in renting buses and minibuses all around Spain. We organize sightseeing bus tours, coach trips, bus excursions and bus transfers, or any kind of group transportation service anywhere in Spain. If you want to book a bus service for a tourist group in Spain, you can contact Spain Bus or one of our other partners - depending on your exact destination ; for the exact same price, you can also call the team of Europe Buses directly at +49 203 98 42 10 51 (German phone number) or +43 1 966 02 61 (Austrian phone number) or send us your request at .