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Charter bus rental in Catania, Sicily

The website Catania Bus is an online charter bus reservation platform that offers all kinds of bus rental services in Catania, but also all around Sicily in Italy. Depending on the number of persons in your group, you can hire buses, motor coaches, minibuses, microbuses or minivans with professional bus drivers for a sightseeing tour or a coach transfer in Catania and Sicily.

Information about Catania and Sicily

Sicily is an Italian island located at the extreme South of Italy, extremely close to continental Italy and particularly to the region of Calabria. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with more than 25,000 km².

Catania is the second-largest city in Sicily with about 300,000 inhabitants. It was founded in the 8th century BC, and therefore has a very long and rich history. There are still a lot of monuments dating back from the Roman Empire in Catania, among others the amphitheater, the Greek-Roman Theater of Catania, the Odeon, many Roman thermal structures, etc.

Catania also has a very rich baroque city centre that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. It includes the Catania cathedral, the San Placido, Saint Francis of Assisi, and an unbelievably large number of religious monuments.

Catania also has some castles and palaces such as the 13th century Castello Ursino and the Palazzo degli Elefanti, and further sights such as the Catania Botanical Garden.

Sightseeing tours in Catania and Sicily

Although it went through several catastrophic earthquakes along its history as well as volcanic eruptions from Mount Etna, Catania has an exceptional amount of historical monuments and other interesting sights that you can discover during a sightseeing bus tour in a modern vehicle driven by a local bus driver. If you want, the team of Catania Bus can also help you hire a professional Sicilian tourguide who will tell you and your group many interesting facts and entertaining anecdotes about Catania, its history and its culture, and about the main sightseeing attractions you will encounter during your charter bus tour in Catania.

Of course, this service is also available for guided bus excursions all around Sicily. Indeed, starting from Catania, you can easily reach any place in Sicily during a one-day or half-day sightseeing excursion by motorcoach, for example Mount Etna or Palermo. Make the most of your stay in Catania and discover this Italian island famous for its very own, rich culture and its breathtaking landscapes along the blue Mediterranean!

Bus transfers in Sicily

Book a bus or minibus from Catania Bus for a bus transfer from one point to another inside Catania, or a transfer anywhere in Sicily, for example from Catania Airport to Taormina or from Agrigento to Catania.

How to hire a charter bus in Sicily

If you want to rent a bus, charter a minibus or hire a minivan in Catania for a city tour in Catania, a sightseeing bus excursion in Sicily or a coach transfer anywhere in Sicily, you can contact the team of Catania Bus via their website.

For the exact same coach hire prices, you can also choose to call the team of Europe Buses on +43 1 966 02 61 (Austrian phone number) or on +49 203 98 42 10 51 (German phone number) or to send us your request directly at . We are looking forward to hearing from you and will gladly reply to your Sicily bus rental request!

Whatever the service you might need related to bus rental in Catania and the surrounding Sicily, the team of Catania Bus would be delighted to help you and organize it for you. Feel free to ask for your tailor-made charter bus rental offer!

To rent a bus in Catania or to hire a tourguide for your sightseeing tour in Sicily, please write us to